Wieslawa and Andrzej Ciepka have founded „Ancora Collection” in 1989. Our company is all about knitwear designs that make females beautiful and allow them to feel comfortable and elegant at the same time. We manufacture our collections ourselves to provide highest quality to our consumers, which love our assortment and are loyal to us for years. We have two major new offers every year “spring-summer” and “autumn-winter”, together with some additional new designs every month.

In every offer we present ca. 30-40 new designs, in different colours and sizes, varying from S to XXL. In each collection we have very diversified assortments of: cardigans, pullovers, tunics, lounge coats, capes, jackets, coats, skirts, suits (jacket and skirt), dresses, combinations (top & cardigan) and other inspired knitwear clothes.

In order to provide the highest quality assortment we use only carefully selected yarns from manufacturers we trust, mostly from Italy, Turkey and Spain as well as from other countries.. The yarns, we use, are usually mixes of classy wool, alpaca, mohair, acrylic with lighter cotton, viscose and linen as well as polyamide and polyacrylic. The decorative elements we enrich our design with are natural and faked furs, amber, different stones and pearls as well as specially designed buttons from coconuts, artificial horns and wood.

Our consumers are females who value the elegant touch in their clothes, very feminine, appreciate fashion and follow trends and love the softness and comfort of knitwear in their very dynamic lives. We spent lots of time and effort designing our clothes to make sure that they will fit perfectly on every woman, no matter how different their bodies might be. Our biggest pride is the fact that many of our consumers have been loyal to us for years.



    Ul. Rzemieślnicza 35,
    95-030 Rzgów
    Centrum handlowe Ptak, Pasaż wschodni, box 41
    +48 795 002 423


    Ul. Okulickiego 30,
    42-360 Poraj
    +48 34 314 66 39